DOOM 4 CLONE (ahead of schedule)

I propose we call it “MOOD-4”

I’ve got the VERY barebones of it working already.

Not sure how to collaborate or if I should just post my updates here.

Interested to hear your feedback.

If you want a) you certainly will have to do b) and I’d love to see some updates too :wink: :smiley:

Screenshots and videos needed :smiley:

Needs more drawing board time.

Probably will focus on levels, UI, and sticking the old rotoscoped doom sprites in there for placeholder art.

To-be-created screenshots and videos forthcoming. I don’t know what the time frame will be.

I was especially interested in making this a framework project for JME3. Code is kinda messy and undocumented now, though. And I am truly an amateur programmer.

This comes off of work done on a wanna-be “Skyrim” clone a couple years ago. Never received much in the way of features, and truly it is barebones.

I was thinking about making customizable weapons and equipment that would be used in customizable player classes.

I’ve been turning around in my mind what “angle” this project would take. Mostly, as a game, I want it to be a doomish clone with reload and ironsights.

I’m like one guy so I don’t know how far I can get here.

Thx for expressing interest.

Is the source going to be on GitHub soon? :amused:

Good question. I am nowhere near enough to release any source.

In fact, I was just about to design a simple level in blender. (Perhaps my priorities are out of whack).

Then I was going to begin adding in the weapon code and models pieces at a time.

From there I was going to make classes.

Something I’m interested in is the following new nuances to Doom play:

  • class based system
  • possession: take control of any creature, regardless of what side its on
  • turn: turn any creature in your favor
    along with:
  • iron sights
  • reload

NONE of this stuff is ready yet. I don’t want to disappoint anyone. I basically just have the VERY basics of an FPS going.
Please think of this as a kind of vaporware until I I get it more put together. Once it’s ready for some release, I’ll do it.
I WILL post updates as I work, though.

Also keep in mind, I’ve NEVER completed a project by myself (perhaps owing to the elaborate visions I have)

But, if you wanted to help me with stuff, that’s another story.

If there is interest in collaboration I’ll stick up what I do have.

Sound good?