Doug Daniels new Developer

With Doug Daniels now working at NCsoft, there may be times when he'll need write access to cvs (or svn on the new area where ever that ends up being). I'm promoting him to Developer.

Howdy!  :slight_smile:

I hope to help contribute wherever I’m useful!

So besides NCSoft work, at home I’ve been playing around with Google’s new Android mobile device SDK. It provides an OpenGL ES API which I’ve been trying to stub out into a AndroidDisplaySystem and AndroidRenderer and found some dependencies on java.awt.* etc (see my post here).

So maybe I’ll have a chance to contribute some DisplaySystem refactoring for jME 2.0, and perhaps help contribute to some kind of mobile device jME project.

BTW, my apologies for subverting the standard policy for promoting to development status. I know we had lengthy discussions about how new developers should be added, and I side stepped that. Was more in "work mode" rather than "community mode" when I promoted him. I hope no one has any issues with me not consulting before hand (feel free to private me if you do). 

Ok for me. I don't know doug very well, nor can I remember to have seen any code from him. So I would have relied on the opinion of you other guys anyway if this was the time to decide.

So: welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Talked to Doug, he was ok with going through the standard process over time (he'll be able to do anything he needs to do in the future with the NCsoft account). He was fine with revoking the status, so I went ahead and did that. I don't want to create any hard feelings people might have had for not being consulted.