Drag-console-function-like object in android (and generally user actions)?

Hi, I wonder how the ‘runnaways’ would code such a drag-console feature, often seen in race games on mobile-phones.
Hope this image can shows a bit what I have in mind:

where inside an area, a user can drag an drag-object, the more far from middle position, the faster the move/speed is in the direction of dragging.
How would one program such in nifty? Is there any way in nifty to route not only an ‘onClick()’ but also an ‘onRelease()’ on the same ‘button’, so that I can call a true/false on one function?

I’m new to nifty, can you point me to a nifty tutorial, who does such. Or maybe some user here have already made such a object like image open source?

Another (nifty?) question, can jMonkey take use of two different hands/fingers on an android display?
And (hardcore question) is it possible to route turn-sensors on smartphones into jmonkey and how?

Thanx in advance.