Drag Racing Game Project


Im working on a racing game using jME since March 2008. This project is the final project of my post-graduation (course after college here in Brazil).

The game basically is a Drag Racing game.

Actually im using 3 car models, but the game will be based on V8 cars.

Im using jME2.0.

here is some screenshots of the actual state of the game:

I have to create menus but i have not decided yet a GUI library to implement that.

Any advice?


Here is a video from the intro and menu:


Here is the gameplay:


Thats cool!

But you already have a hud inside your game… how did you create this part of guy… just ORTHO-ed stuff?

Anyways you can do it the same way… I guess…

Yes, its ORTHO!

Yes, but i will have to implement each component. I have to finish the project till October.

Im using Font3D orthogonal.

My menus gonna be simple. Maybe i implement that from the begining!

I will try to implement something to be usable for the community too.

Added some videos on the original post.

Check it out!

Cool vids, thanks for sharing.

One of the things that was a bit hard to see in the video were the menu texts though… seemed a bit too dark… or not contrasting enough. But perhaps that was just due to the video compression…

Another thing was that the audio felt a bit… fake… I could not really notice any gear-changes. It seemed like the sound was not exactly synced at that point. In the end when the car was already standing still… the RPM winded down a bit too slowly I think… making the sound also last a very long time…

I liked the choice of cars btw… where did you get the models? Did you make them yourself?

Ohh… yes, the menu must have better contrast, its true.

The sound is totally ugly, i know. I had no time to make it better yet.

My final date is October 25 so i have to focus on some other things.

The engine sound is hard to accomplish, so i just get sound engines from another game and just change it on each gear.

The skidmarks will is being addressed to be joined togheter.

Im making it alone so there still much thing to fix.

The models i got from 3D Warehouse on google Sketchup site.

There is a lot of model there! I just work on conversion and clean up working.

I love your thing "YOU LOSE!!!"

But maybe you should make it more insulting?

Here is the video of the final version:

Nice, Im the first to view both :slight_smile: (but $3,000!!! geesh :D)

First, good work clovis; there is obviously a lot of effort in there (I really like the menu/credits/settings system, do all the settings work?).  Looks pretty sharp too, if you want my opinion though (if you don't just ignore the next part) it would look VERY professional if you could fix up a few of the visual problems (such as cars missing textures?, and the chute kinda made me think the car had exploded then it was 'in' the road…).  I really liked your road texturing also, maybe you could have 2 or 3 alternating textures to break up the pattern :slight_smile:

but in closing SUPER JOB!

Also, where did your car models come from??

Looks really nice.

The cars look beautiful, and the road surface is really nice too… lots of detail (even if it does seem suspiciously similar to the previous section  }:-@ )

It also seems quite slick and complete which is always a step up from the norm.

Impressive! It's nice to see a project nearing its end. Also good to see a game with sound! XD Great job Clovis, keep it up. When do we get it?

Hi, thanks for the support.

I know the game has some graphical issues that could be handled.

I will present it tomorrow on the college.

The game will be available in january 2009 on www.foihcorp.com.br


the car models come from Google 3d Warehouse. Check it at: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/

If i have time the model would be better!!!


Like i promissed,

Here is the demo to download: (Actually the project is just a demo)


Its and Windows Installer.

Soon i will put a mac version or a zip version or even a jnlp.

I aprecciate comments.

Thank you all the community to the support in all this project.

Awesome! I am getting back from the holidays and I am getting to see some truly amazing progress everywhere!


I put a link to a zip version of my game. (For Linux and Mac users).

Just unzip and run the .sh file.

The link is http://www.foihcorp.com.br/downloads/V8StreetDragGT.zip

Here goes some screenshots to make the community happy  8)

Your game seems to be very beautiful  :smiley: It is really impressive. I will test it when you provide a Java Webstart link.


Hi, I am a newbie to gaming. I am planning to develop a racing game. I am stuck up with the race track design. Can anyone please give me suggestion about creating race track for my game.