Drawing a sun

Hi, im new to jmonkey and im trying to figure out something that seems like it should be fairly basic but I cant find a good tutorial on it. It want to draw a textured sun and moon on the skybox at run time. I would like to apply lighting effects to the sun and possibly a rotating texture to the moon. Can anyone point me to some good tutorials for this?

Why draw them on the skybox? Why not just put them on quads in front of the sky box?

If you really must modify the skybox then ImagePainter is what you need to do it, I agree with @pspeed tho, just put the image on a quad!

I want the sun/moon to appear to have a fixed size regardless of where the player move too on the map. If the fly up towards a small sphere near the skybox the sphere would increase in visible size as the player moved towards it. Or worse if they got to close it might become apparent that its a small sphere instead of a distant unreachable planetoid in the night sky.

Or move the sun away from them as they move towards it?