Drawing a tilted box

Hi All,

I am trying to draw a tilted box using Box class in Jmonkey. Can anty one help me to draw this shape. My expected shape is given below.


hello, i think, that you can’t modify JME Box to look like that.

there are 2 ways:

  1. use Blender(or other program) to create that shape.

  2. https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php/jme3:advanced:shape.
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It’s possible to create this shape using a custom mesh, but that’s a lot of effort for such a simple task:


I agree with oxplay2, tools like Blender etc have this built in. Make a box in a mesh editor, tilt it, export it as model, load it.

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yeh all those solutions are valid. I think blender, will be the quickest and easiest option. Go into edit mode, with the default cube, select top vertices and translate them.

You can also use the jME box mesh. Create a box, and then modify the Position buffer of the top vertices, and normals if desired

Just to be clear… are you asking how to make a Box a funny shape that is not rectangular or are you asking how to make it wire frame?

I’m just trying to figure out whether the shape drawn is supposed to be a box or a custom mesh that is kind of a warped box.

I just want to draw a Geometric shape as i am trying to develop a CAD tool. In this tool i have to draw a rectangular shape which is extruded in a specific direction.

Look at the custom meshes stuff then…

@Zarch Yeah, I am looking at that. But not sure how much extent will it support my requirement.

Well you get full control over the vertices so I don’t see why it wouldn’t…


exactly like zarch said, it is possible with JME custom shapes.

you can make every shape you can imagine.

the only thing you need to make is to make factor that will modify your rectangular extruded direction.

Thanks for the information and confirmation :slight_smile: .