DuplicateFileException inside Nifty when compiling for Android

Any thoughts on this? Is there some sort of setting which I need to make before building?


This leads to BUILD FAILED at the end of the log window.

The code I am trying to build is:

[java]package se.gash.droidtest;

import com.jme3.app.AndroidHarness;

public class MainActivity extends AndroidHarness {

public MainActivity() {

appClass = “se.gash.droidTest”;



You could try and remove the console.fnt file from the nifty-examples-*.jar

I asume it will not be the only duplicate.

The dex compiler seems more strict than java on the desktop, so this little bugs pop up on android.

Its no big deal to fix the examples jar, just somebody has to do it - and i dont feel comfortable to change something

which is not inside the android tree.

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Oh! Ok I see. Well if there is anything that needs to be done in the ways of removing files then surely I can do that. Who is managing the release of the examples jar? I guesse that would be someone over at the nifty team… Maybe it would be a good idea to keep a separate version of the same nifty-examples release to be used for jME purposes?

Thanks again for teaching me how this stuff works larynx!

Ok so there were two conflicting files.

[java]console.fnt and console_00.fnt.[/java]

Both in the root directory of the .jar file.

I removed them from the examplesfile and now everything works perfectly! :slight_smile: