Dynamic Choosing System Help


Just to give you some background on what I’m doing, I would like to have a dynamic choosing system in which users on the server can choose the map they want to play on.

So my game is a racing game. Now you can have many maps on the server as you want. So when the server owner sets all the map (random order, different, can be of the same kind etc) the server reads that file and stores it in vars and stuff like that. Which is fine that works. When I client joins the server, the servers send a map package which is a list of all the maps which are currently on offer from the server. I want a way of showing this to the users that these are the maps. Also when a map becomes full that the server removes the map from the clients list and when that maps game finishes to re add the map.

So my current Interface looks like this

Default Interface

What I would like it to do is something like this

Want I want it to look like

So that second picture you’ll see there pictures there in the top box. Those will be the maps that you can click on. As I showed it has 4 across, but I would like it so it goes 4 across and can be scrollable so if more than 4 maps are on the list it can have more.

I tried this before before I rebuilt the multiplayer section of the game and the pictures showed up but I couldn’t make them scrollable and the other pictures will just lined up with it but were viewable outside the scroll box.

I’m open to people giving me a better idea of how to do this or how to do this. I’m happy to put code here if needed.


Sorry, it didn’t add the first picture, here it is this time

@_Master_Mas_ said: Sorry, it didn't add the first picture, here it is this time

There is a SlideTray class that would do what you are looking for. Again, sorry for the delay on response. I have had a busy past couple weeks.