Easy new method for a Sphere.java proposal

Hello, while exploring Sphere.java, I found, that changing the mode for texture coordinate generation might be very easy:

See this topic:


Here is the link to the modified Sphere.java:


I only had to modify 2 lines of code (see the difference to Sphere.setGeometryData() ).

This might be encapsulated as a state variable

and a method might be coded like:

Sphere.setTextureProjectionMode( ProjectionModes mode )

Inside the function, it should call Sphere.setGeometryData() - to refresh the tex coords.


no mentioning of my name necessary in the @author list for this little addition.

setTextureMode is in now  :)  Do me a favor and double check with your textures.

works well, tested it.


for a perfectionist like me, there is still something to complain about:

the triangles near the poles still look strange to me (long edges, very thin triangles).

I'll post a reincarnation of "PrettyCompositeSphere" soon -

using the new batch system,

having high tesselation near poles,

with its strategy of having maximum edge length