Eclipse and JME2

hello people.

i'v just started to experiment with jme2 and so far i'm amazed what i have seen from te examples!

after messing around with eclips to get jme2 into it i got it working, and samples run fine.

i'm now going over the tutorials on the wiki this is what i'v done so far:

Create a new Java project

Link the JME2 and the physics thingie to my project.

Create a class "Lesson1" wich extends simplegame and got it running.

All still fine.

But while i was typing i hoped that there was some intellisense.

so if i type:

Lesson1 app = new Lesson1();

it would be nice if i type app. and get a list of function and such.

i hope this is possible, perhaps any1 can explain how to get this into eclipse… ?

Thanks in advance.

normally this should work in eclipse, does it work with normal java-objects? Sometimes it can take a while before a list appears.

Try ctrl+space for content assist.

Hey people,

i got it working now. thinkn the problem was that i tried some other eclipse version first. wich all have the same default workspace.

I deleted all item in the workspace. and imported JME and physics again.

Now i got some code hinting.

But this does nto work:

Sphere s = new Sphere( …

… = gimmy short function overview/help… ? is that normal ?

thanks again for the help!

I think it is…

I don't know that much of Eclipse but I think its normal.

If someone knows how to do it… plz. let us know.

i got this working also,

You have to specify the source of the librarys for information to show up.

So i adjusted it, restarted eclipse and whala.

Got my nice got hinting!

Works very good!

Thanks for all the help!