Eclipse Starter Kit

I have put my eclipse project on to github.

The project consists of

The full eclipse project

Compiled jmonkey jars (circa 20th October from SVN) - I will post a seperate article about how to compile the jars in Eclipse from the svn

Compiled bullet native so library (circa September)

The examples include

A basic blue cube

Basic HUD, launch ball, small wall

Moving Particle Emitter

Basic Rag Doll

Voice Controlled Cube

Camera Waypoints

Load Scene

Finger Camera Control


On Screen Trackpad

QUICK PLUG → check out - 2d Game based on cloning Angry Birds best features - click, drag and fling sprites around - which I developed

Nice you’re sharing your work. Note though that a) Eclipse can open the android project jmp creates too and b) that we do not endorse external code example repos, they just get outdated too soon and the people come here and complain “the tutorials dont work” Especially the semi-official name of the repo disturbs me here :confused: Android jar can be built by just running the build.xml of the jme3 engine once, which eclipse can do fine as well, I urge you not to set up or suggest any other ways to compile them so that theres no confusion on how a proper jMonkeyEngine3.jar for android looks.

Just trying to help…

When I started to look into Javamonkey Engine a few months as a potential engine for android development it was extremely difficult to get anything to an Android device.

I’m offering this as a simple exploration option for Eclipse developers which is probably the biggest environment that Android developers use to ascertain the potential of the Javamonkey Engine to use in Android projects. This would have been a great help to me and believe will be useful to a number of people.

note: The jars do not compile on Eclipse without editing build-impl.xml at least on my version of Eclipse.

Some months ago android wasn’t officially supportd yet. Now it is and theres instructions on how to use it. The jme3 jars compile with any ant version > 1.7.1 I set up an eclipse project myself to verify that it works there. What did you have to edit?


<copylibs compress="${jar.compress}" index="${jar.index}" indexMetaInf="${jar.index.metainf}" jarfile="${dist.jar}" manifest="@{manifest}" runtimeclasspath="${}">




<copylibs compress="${jar.compress}" index="${jar.index}" jarfile="${dist.jar}" manifest="@{manifest}" runtimeclasspath="${}">


Eclipse Version: 3.6.0 didn’t like the indexMetaInf tag.