Editor updates

Hi all, well just finished some of the terrain support for the editor, the editor will generate you some nice terrain blocks on the fly, just click on the terrain left icon, then some painting tool that does the displace of the gray scale image, or you can upload you gray scale image from your mach. , and then edit it, you also have the ability to edit with the displace. I know that this is naive but its works very nice, i was impressed my self :D.

Here are some screens.

The tool. ( Of course you manage the brush raduis, and its concavity )

The result.

To download this version here is the link.


I managed to have some noise functions to work but not smooth enought to generate a good looking models, i will post the update as soon as i manage to get them correctly.

What do you think about this guys ?

Sorry renanse its a rapidshare thing agian ://

not bad!! not bad at all, its really coming along great job.

Nice. A friend of mine and I built a nice tool for editting terrains, allowing for easy generation of terrain textures and applying errosion. Let me know if you are interested in that.

Thanks alooot for the feedback, renanse thanks for your generous offer, and sure i am intersted, and i will try my best getting things together and see what can i do with it. i will send you my info.

Thanks all, this is really incoureging.


outtrunner, how about we join forces and we code the editor together?

Send me a PM if your interested (or even better, email me :)), and we’l sort something out.


Well i will keep this for the editor update, aahhhhh, just finished some random noise generation for the terrain, playing with the parameters will give some different look for the terrain.

So time for some screen ;).

The image gray scale result looks like this .

And the result of the generated terrain look like.

Awsome ha??

I will appload the latest version soon.


outrunner, still no PM or email…

Do you want to work alone on this editor? If so, thats ok, a little competition does us all some good :slight_smile:


Do you want to work alone on this editor?

Why do you think i posted the source code, and of course i am all ears if some one at least spoke other that renanse. ( Not even you DP ).

outrunner, still no PM or email...

Sorry DP, i remeber i send you PM asking you, and offerring any help. no news from you at all.

Sorry DP, i remeber i send you PM asking you, and offerring any help. no news from you at all

I never got them because my PM inbox was full and i didn't realise. I emptied it two days ago...

Request a developer status in the jme-physics project in sourceforge.net and i'l give you developer access to the editor. It will then be you, me and tGiant developing it which seems a pretty good team to me. What do you say?


Well DP, don’t expect me to leave the thing that i am doing right now and work on your editor, really why don’t you and tGaint join me completing my editor, i have spend quit a good time coding it.

While mine is a game editor, so its biased toword builing a complete game( thats if i ever finish it :slight_smile: ), and must contain, terrain editing, entity editing, sound manipulation, ai, physics, …etc, while yours is a physics editor.

So what i am asking you DP is just to resonable with you requests. And that’s not because i am mean or selfesh, i really want to help an anyway that i find sutable, and really asking anybody that can contribute code to do it.

Any way i don’t promiss any thing about the develper request, but i will help you alot in your editor, that of course if you want. Thats all that i can promiss,


game editor, physics editor

game editor source=available

physics editor source=??? have’nt updated in awhile

but how about leaving room to making them pluggable if they are to be seperate projects that is, each seem to have fanatastic potential.

competition is good yes, but a complete integrated enviroment rather than thousands of specific ones would good and I think this is still at a stage where nobody has to scrap there individual efforts.

there are three model converters for god sake!!! [size=24px]three[/size] 8-O :?

physics editor source=??? have'nt updated in awhile

Its available in a hidden location located on Pirate Island :).

No, seriously, the editor is not usable yet. Hence why that thread was a teaser. And the editor is being constantly updated...I only have 2 hands to type with. If im not working on physics, im working on the editor. If im not doing both, im working on my own game. Coding takes a good 5 - 6 hours of my time everyday :)

@Outrunner: Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Its available in a hidden location located on Pirate Island .

I am just think of the possibilty of having to work between two tools that may seriously differ in compatibility rendering one or the other almost useless

I only have 2 hands to type with.

I have one, so I know how that is, twice as much even :P

Ever thought of making the tools Eclipse plugins?

DP, i believe that you are capable of doing the editor, and i am on for the help. really any time you want to coordinate i will be here.

If you want to spice things up ( Compete , then i am all for it ).

Ever thought of making the tools Eclipse plugins?

Ya guurk, i will try to seperate the terrain editor for the guys to benifit from it. ( eclipse plugin seems the right choice ). thanks for bringing it up.

Please don’t let it solely depend on eclipse.

… because there are still some guys out there using other ide’s.

I agree with winkman

eclipse is good but not alone in the world of ide



Ok guys, thanks for the suggestions, i will try to stick with s stand alone application as much as possible to satisfy all, if you have another idea about the ease of use, then please let me know.

Thanks much.


Looking like it’s coming along well, Outrunner. One bit of functionality I’d like to see is to integrate a RenParticleEditor functionality that will allow you to build a particle physics effect and attach it to the scene.

Hi, Thanks mojo for your feedback, well currently i am finishing the terrain editor, this must not take too much time ( Wonderfull things comming :wink: ), i will try to integrate the particle managment soooon ( my next heigh priority ).

Thanks much.