Just one simple question:

Is using normal maps and parallax maps on models more efficient (as in memory usage) than using modeled models?

The detail that normal mapping can provide in the most extreme cases would require an incredible number of triangles to simulate using a pure model.

So, in general, yes. That’s why normal maps were invented.

Thanks a lot.

Is it RAM or video memory you want to save?

I think it’s Video Memory. I want to keep the Frame Rate up.

as HeroHero said, normal maps is cheap considering the detail you get from them. :slight_smile: Use parallax maps sparingly and only when they make a real visual difference, simple parallax offset mapping is kind of cheap but more advanced versions (steep) is expensive GPU wise.

Don’t worry to much about the framerate, you only need 60 fps :wink:

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Well…those technique were invented to add hi res details to low poly count models…If it wasn’t faster than modeling a high poly model, they would be pretty useless.

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