EffectTrack Not Looping With Animation

Hello all :slight_smile: . I am facing a bit of a problem with the EffectTrack. When I setup EffectTrack for my animation the ParticleEmitter only emits once then stops but if I stop the animation and then re-play it again the ParticleEmitter again only emits once then stops. I used the EffectTrack several times before but never faced this problem. My previous models with EffectTrack are also experiencing this problem even though they used to loop with the animation. It may have started after an update but not sure which update since I did not use it after sometime.

Here is the link of the tutorial that I followed:

[video]Effect and AudioTrack editing in jMonkeyEngine 3 sdk - YouTube

and here is the video of the problem that I am facing:

[video]Project Rise Problem 1 - Effect Track - YouTube

The Node “LeftFoot” is the attachment Node.

Thank you :slight_smile: .

Might have something to do with this:

aahh I see :slight_smile: . Will try to work around it then. Thanks for the light speed reply normen.

K Out! =D

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Might very well be due to that issue indeed.
It’s fixed now, in git, but I guess we’ll need to back port that to stable