Electrified Runner android work in progress

Hey monkeys,
Just wanted to showcase the project i was working on the last couple of months…

…it is still heavily under construction.


Do you have this running on Android yet?

What GUI do you use?

What fonts/text display do you use?

That looks super cool. Specially that showing the next electric wire effect :slight_smile:

@ia97lies thanks for the kind words.

@BigBob yes it runs on android, at least it does on my phone.

No extra special gui used at the moment (in my former project i just nifty) just normal clickable 3d object. But i have to say at the current state the gui is mostly only functional and rather incomplete.

What do you mean with fonts/text display?
These are Bitmapfonts http://www.1001freefonts.com/zero_velocity.font

are you using like a BitmapText?

Or are you mapping a text image with transparent background to a spatial?

I use BitmapText. Sorry this was what i wanted to say with Bitmapfonts, but could not remember the correct term used in jme.