Elemental Mage [A Super Fun Moddable Adventure Game]

Hello everyone!

Introducing my new game

Elemental Mage

Ice Sanctuary

Play as our hero who is the wizard who needs to save the Castle from the Demon!

Can you gain the powers necessary to save the day?

Check it out!

Here is the Drop Box Link

And of course it’s Open Source!

But it gets even better!

The game is easily moddable by dragging the Mods folder into your documents! Edit anything you want!

Check out the Command Parser for a List of Fun Commands you can use in the scripts!

Want to play as a Demon? A Dog? A Giant?


Mod the game in real time by just pressing T!

If people are interested I’d be glad to make a fun tutorial. But the game is really meant for Android and I’ve got a few more steps before I can release it on there (Flipping alpha channels will definitely take some time). But I then want to try and think of a way to get mods onto that!

Thanks for reading about my game!
<3’s For everyone

Here’s some more screenshots!


Maybe you should use normal maps and better textures,the result is pretty disturbing :\

Well being an Android games things like normal maps and “better textures” equate to… taking up more space. But thank goodness I can refer to your vast amount of games posted on the forums and see how to properly make these things.

But the whole point you’re making about normal maps… Won’t even work because I use unshaded materials as Android doesn’t handle lighting very well. Unshaded materials (means no shaders)… No Lighting… No normal maps.

And of course the use of free models means I gotta work with what I got. But I’ll be sure to count how lucky I am to have a game-meister such as yourself give their opinion on my game (obviously knowledgeable of how materials work so far).

I’ll start working straight away to be just as successful as you’ve so obviously been with fantastic topics such as. “Switching Java Versions?” and “Randomly Passing Through Rigid Bodies”

Though I seem to have mastered the properties section of my project and how to properly attach things to the physics space. I can tell you are a very smart guy…

I don’t post games in the forum but this doesn’t mean i don’t know how normal maps work,and even if you can’t use normal maps i can give you some tips on how you can simulate shadowing even if you don’t use lightened materials.

At first,you should make an option menu so that who plays the game on pc can play with detailed models and who plays on android can use custom graphics so the game will be performable enough for their device.You must obviously switch between Unshaded and Lighting shader.

You can also render soft shadows,gradients and particles in your modeling program and then bake the shadowed texture into the UV map,this gives a pretty good result without performance loss.

And I have to tell you that even i’f i may not be a “game-meister” i was still here to help you improving your product and you shouldn’t have been so brash because you have to care not about developer’s opionion but about players’ one.