Elements are always Movable and Resizable


I played a bit with tonegodgui and it seems really nice.
But i have one Problem:
Elements like Windows and DialogBoxes are always Mov- and Resizable. Even if i call .setIsMovable(false).
Has anyone an idea how to fix this?

Johannes wirth

Try out .setMouseInteract(false) or something (I don’t remember it out of the head).

Then it’S neither Move nor resizable anymore :wink:

I think you mean .setIgnoreMouse(true). Unforunately it doesn’t help :frowning:

myWindow.setWindowIsMovable(false); //to make it not movable
myWindow.setIsResizable(false); //to make it not resizable


.setWindowsIsMovable(false) works!
Thank you :smile: