Embed JME into JavaFX

Embed JME into JavaFX.

Important: This library allows you to embed JME into JavaFX. That is to say that the JME scene will be rendered to a JavaFX ImageView component. To use JavaFX in JME (the other way around) use this: https://store.jmonkeyengine.org/431426f2-66ac-4e1d-a18e-0d0b6ef14a1e

For scientific, industrial or game development use, embedding jMonkeyEngine into JavaFX allows you to make complete use of JavaFX as a GUI whilst utilizing jMonkeyEngine to visualize your data in a JavaFx Component.

The output of jMonkeyEngine is rendered to a JavaFX ImageView component that you can put anywhere in your JavaFx scene, and includes automatic resizing to fit the size of its parent.

dependencies {
    implementation "com.jayfella:jfx-11-jme-embedded:1.0.0"

For more information please read the readme provided in the github repository.

Github Repository:


Gradle Template

For a working template of a gradle project, clone the repository below and use it as a base to start from.

git clone https://github.com/jayfella/jme-in-jfx.git
cd jme-in-jfx
./gradlew run


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