Endless Terrain Documentation

So I’m trying to understand exactly what’s going on underneath the hood for TerrainGrid, FractalSum, FractalTileLoader, etc.

My end goal is to understand exactly how I could go about seeding for the noise generation, shading the vertices instead of applying a texture, and altering the way that it colors slopes and cliffs (currently the terrain is blurred and/or lightened on sloped areas). From my previous experiences with noise, I would input a seed via a Random(long seed) to resort the permutation array.

Sorry about the double post (I can’t seem to edit my post on a mobile browser). I forgot to mention how horrendous it is to try and sift through the source code for this terrain generation. I’ll be looking through the code find out something is an interface, then have to find implementing classes, etc.

It works very well, but I just wish it was a bit easier to read.