Enemy Ahead on course again!

Somehow I felt this irresistible urge to start working on Enemy Ahead again…

After getting all my old code together and taking a looooong look at it, I decided to start from scratch when it comes to both modelling and programming. During the last years I learnt a lot more about Blender so I thought I had to use this knowledge for the model of the ship to make it more “game-proof”. The model for now is just a quick first sketch which gives me enough material to work with in jMonkeyEngine. No guns or decent materials yet, but at least working propellers and rudder!

As you can see in the video, buoyance is implemented as well as a bow wave (sort of). The autopilot is able to keep the ship on course during heavy seas and to steam from waypoint to waypoint, using a PID-controller. I am still using the ProjectedWaterGrid for the ocean, but I am considering using OceanMonkey from @ceiphren because it just looks better and has more flexibility. If I can get it to work on JME3.1 I will definitely give it a try!

Well, here is the link to the video for showing off :grin::

I will start implementing the guns and sounds during the coming days and maybe even texture the model. As soon as I have something worth showing, I will post it again!


Awesome. :slight_smile:

Is the setting a WWII one? The ship looks pretty much like it. Which type of game shall it be? More like A realistic simulation like Silent Hunter? Or more arcade like Assassins Creed 4?

welcome back!!
Both of you :wink:

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Thanks! Setting is indeed WWII. The current ship is a Fletcher Class Destroyer (or it is BECOMING one…). My plan has always been to create a realistic simulator. I am inspired by “Destroyer Command” which is lacking some options (according to my opinion) and I was overconfident enough to think I could do better… :smile:

In the old version of Enemy Ahead I had already implemented a more realistic acceleration of the ship, but for testing purposes I don’t want to sit and wait for the ship to change speed. But you know how it goes: Will I ever be able to finish it? So much to do, so little time. But it is too much fun not to do it! So we will see. Hopefully I will be able to post some nice updates not too long from now.


Super cool!

You should probably check out World of Warships too, should give you some ideas :wink:

Managed to get oceanmonkey from @ceiphren implemented in the sim. Was quite a hassle to port it to JME 3.1, but it works now. Result:

Just a first test, still have to fiddle around with all the parameters of the ocean processor. But I am happy I got it in! I used my own ShipControl for the buoancy: fits right in.



I never believed someone could make use of this o.O

Keep going. Push JME to the limit! :smiley:

Herewith a little update of the status again:

Did some more modelling and started to create textures and normal maps. I still need to improve the model (looks to smooth on the sharp edges now). Depth charges and AA-guns still need to be modeled as well.

Five inch guns are able to fire (all at once for now, still need to implement the loading times and individual firing) and have sound and nozzle blasts (first proto) and keep tracking the target. The shells explode when they hit the target (you can hear a distant sound) but no visual explosion effect yet. I have been fiddling around with the bow waves and I am still not happy with them, but eventually get it right someday… And of course I want ship wakes!

As you can see, I have also reverted to my original ocean. OceanMonkey still needs some tweaking before it can be used as an endless ocean. So more work to do there!

Acceleration of the ship has been improved. It now follows a realistic curve from destroyers in WW2. Although for testing I have increased it with a factor of 5, else it will take 45 minutes to reach full speed.