Enhanced Particle Shader WIP Video

I’ve been doing some work on beefing up particles, I would like to use them for a bunch more stuff so some enhancements are on the cards.


All the info is really in the video, make sure you watch at 720p.

Performance is virtually the same as the standard particle. At high FPS (800+) the new particles tend to be 3%-5% slower, but are far less susceptible to frame rate drops, and over time end up running faster. BUT .... this level of performance probably won't stand up by the time I have finished all the enhancements.

I was going to wait until I had finished completely to share this but its ended up taking a lot of time, so an WIP update video it is, so I can feel like I have actually accomplished something.

Take it easy

Thats really cool!!! Particle system for fog like in halflife2/left4dead2!!! Great work!

As always, I’m glad to invite you to my shader library as a developer! http://code.google.com/p/jme-glsl-shaders/

The more people have professional shaders the better projects will rise on JME.

yh dam thats hawt

Hooo soft particles, i was willing to add that to the engine!!

So how do you do that? usually you need the depth buffer and blend particles according to depth.

I want details!!! or I won’t help you for the my multi depth pass issue :evil: mwhahahahah

The plan has been to share this one all along.

Thanks @mifth :slight_smile: I think I would prefer just to release to code and let people nab it if they want :wink:

@nehon you diva!

I don’t have many details to give until we can fix that issue I’m afraid. At the moment its a Frankenstein mash of soft and spherical particle techniques, plus some custom blending and blurring, and other junk.

Thank you man!!! I would prefer to put it in the JME core too!!! @nehon you are cool!!!

I love you guys!!!

@thetoucher Any planns to release this absolutely beautiful soft particles addition?

@larda yep, I do plan to share this when it’s finished, or close enough. I’ve been a bit busy of late, I will hopefully get back onto this next week some time.

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