Entity System Utilities


Here is link to my project:

In brach single you can find Entity Component System with Templates loaded from xml and prof of concept of game console using js parser - press [insert]

Recently I intended to make a game but found that i would need system to easily manage object nad their properties like in Unity so I begun with making this utility. I hope it is not redundant when using JMonkey, anyway i had a lot of fun writing it. Currently work is suspended because I am making summer project in Unity 3D. Maybe someone will find it usefull. It will be very appreciated if some advanced user wouuld catch a glimpse and give any advice.



nice, I will give it a try. I still continue to make an Entities editor plugon for the SDK, which also inspired by Unity, which should make Unity user feel at home. The prototype is here if you don’t read it yet.:


Nice day.

I was going to suggest taking a look at Zay-ES (https://jmonkeyplatform-contributions.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/zay-es/) but I looked through your code a bit and realize our goals are a little different since Zay-ES is trying to be a pure ES and yours is something different.

Good luck with your project. It looks interesting.

Thanks for your interest. I implemented system described in Game Programing Gems 6, and added handlers since Entities don’t know about the world. I also wanted code to be easily portable to C++, because there is a tiny bit of chance that I will write sth in it.