Environment and objects

Hello everyone, im kinda new in using JME. right now my thesis group is working on a project called Interactive Environment for the Visually Impaired or simply called INTENSe. Our goal is to allow a visually impaired user, or simple a blind user, to navigate a room environment using only sounds. Together with this, the user can interact with certain objects, collide with them etc.

We are implementing  JMe together with other open source libraries to achieve this project. This includes the wiiusej library which allows movement on the environment. Some other sound libraries to implement the sound. We design objects using blender.

1st question i want to ask is about the environment itself which is directly related to JME. We are having problems on placing certain objects like chairs, tables, etc on the room environment. This room environment is just a simple room with walls and "OBJECTS" inside it place in an organize manner. What would be the most basic way to implement this?

Load all objects with their respective modeloaders -> jmetest package

attach the loaded objects to the roomnode you use.

attach roomnode to the rootnode -> Simplegame or Standartgame as examples

thanks empire phoenix. i have another problem. how about the collision between the objects and en environment. the floor and the chair for example, how would that be handled?