EnvMaps and PostProcessors on Android


We are currently using jme in a research project on data visualization for Android devices. While most features work on our Desktop PC, the Android builds are missing some - more specific, envmaps and postprocessing effects. While I am aware that postprocessing effects are computationally demanding and probably not a wise choice for mobile hardware anyway, and there are different posts in this forum about them not being supported on Android at all, I am wondering if anyone can provide some insights about the matter. You can also find users that report having them working to some extent. I am still getting gl errors about and “Illegal Buffer Attachment”.
Also, I have tried to add envmap/spheremaps. While I can load the textures, use the SkyFactory to “create a sky” and add it to the root node, the app is only showing a background color. Does anybody have envmaps working on Android? Whats the status about the Android support?
Your answers are highly appreciated. Thanks