Error in Netbeans 6.0.1

When I try to compile the code from the cvs src I got the following msg, that some src files are not in the local repository

then I try to use Netbeans / CVS UI / Depedency solver and I got this msg:

"Your project has dependencies that are not resolved locally. Code completion in the IDE will not include classes from these dependencies

and their transitive dependencies neither (unless they are among the opened projects).

Please download the dependencies, or install them manually, if not available remotely.

The artifacts are:






Then I try to download and Cant, I get a error!

It sounds like you didn't include the classpath/java.library.path when you tried to compile? 

The java.library.path usually looks something like -Djava.library.path=nativewin32 and should be pointing to the lwjgl folder that has the native files in it

The classpath looks something like this on windows:

-cp .;res;jarlwjgl.jar;jarlwjgl_test.jar;jarlwjgl_util.jar;jarlwjgl_fmod3.jar;jarlwjgl_devil.jar;jarjinput.jar;

or this on linux:

-cp .:res:jar/lwjgl.jar:jar/lwjgl_test.jar:jar/lwjgl_util.jar:jar/lwjgl_fmod3.jar:jar/lwjgl_devil.jar:jar/jinput.jar

Your other option is to follow the tutorial and use ant/eclipse:

where is this classpath/java.library, is it on the project folder???

O_o confused…

I still use v5, but there you would right-click on the project --> select properties.  There you will have several areas including: source, libraries, and run.  Under libraries is where you stick the external jar files, under run is where you can set a custom classpath (path to native libraries which are used at runtime: dll, SO and jnilib files).

If you don't know what a classpath is then you probably better sharpen up your java skills.

Here is the tutorial for setting up jME with Netbeans (it was for v5 but works for v6 also):