Error open testchooser.exe or jmonkeyengine3.jar projects source code


this is the first time i send you message >>>

iam mohamed salama from egypt work with jmonkey engine from 1 month ago

i found a big problem with this engine that i can’t found any other things to learn from except the tutorials that found in that site.

then my dr told me that the engine come with alot of source code in that file → jmokeyengine3.jar

how can i get the source code to that projects found in that file.

and how can i learn more and more about that engine if you have some papers any thing i can learn from it please send it to me today.

thanks for your interest.

yours :

mohamed salama.

Have you tried downloading the jME3 Alpha3 for your operating system? Via this editor you can download the latest nightly builds, access the JavaDocs and view the online tutorials from within the editor, without the need of a browser.