Error running javac.exe compiler

Ok I am almost done with compiling and building jme but at the end of compiling jme with the command prompt through the tutorial of building jme without Eclipse or Netbeans, I get this error that says "Error running javac.exe compiler" then the build fails and It fails to compile. Can someone please tell me how to fix this, because it took me awhile to get this far due to searching for different things that were necessary and my computer being slow, So someone please help me. I will be very grateful :slight_smile:

do you have a java SDK installed (JDK 6 Update 5)?

If the javac command is not found you may only have a JRE installed.

Yeah. I already installed the Java SDK, the Java JDK 6 update 5, and everything else that the tutorial said to install.

hmm then what are the exact build errors you get?

If you're on Windows you probably need to add Java's location to your Path Environment Variable.

Go to 'System Properties' (can right click on My Computer desktop icon > properties)

Then go to the 'Advanced' tab > 'Environment Variables' button

Edit 'Path' in 'System variables' list and add the path to your JDK bin directory, e.g. C:jdk1.6.0_05bin (separating it from the other entries with a semicolon)

Ok I already did that. And do you need Java 2 Platform SDK? (I think that's what it's called) you know version 1.5 or later because 1.5 is unavailable to download. Unless I misread on the website where you get it. when I check the error through the command prompt it says something like java.lang.NoClassFunctionFound. or something like that and I searched through google for that and I think it was in the Java 2 Platform SDK.

Finally! I figured it out. I got a lot of warnings but the build was successful and jME has been compiled. Thanks for trying to help :slight_smile: