Error when runing on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 64-bit

Ok, so using the Nouveau driver, it does fix the odd refresh rates and allows me to go fullscreen. So now I know in my case it’s a driver problem.

The thing is, I can’t stick with Nouveau, because performance in my case is much worse than using NVidia’s official drivers. And from the looks of it, I can’t update my drivers past 304 (my graphics card is really old anyways)

So, what’s left to do is to see if I can run jMonkey fullscreen using LWJGL3…

I don’t know that this is helpful at all but an anecdotal point:
On all of my Linux Mint boxes, I had to backrev the proprietary drivers for my kids to be able to run Minecraft. (In fact, with the latest nvidia drivers it couldn’t even detect the monitor properly so was locked at a much lower resolution on the desktop.)

I’m an nvidia fanboy in general but these latest linux drivers seem to suck pretty badly.

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