Error while Importing into Repository

When I am trying to “Team > Subversion > Import into Repository…”, after entering information, when it is trying to connect to Subversion repository, then I get the following error,

I previously installed TortoiseSVN but uninstalled it some time ago. In the error, “org.tigris.subversion” is related to TortoiseSVN. I have even deleted all the .svn files and related files left from TortoiseSVN. But, somehow jMP is still connected to previous settings.

What is the work around of this situation?

Uh… the “org.tigris.subversion” is simply the java library being used for svn access… You can copy a project using the IDE (right-click the project) and the copy will not have any svn leftovers (you’ll even be warned about this). I extra added the windows command line version of svn, if it doesn’t work when all svn references are gone, maybe you can look in the application settings under Misc/SVN if you find something.

Well, noup. After copy, the error is still there.

I am looking into Misc>Svn, but I don’t see anything to change that could circumvent this issue.

Look for something like “use command line svn”

I don’t find anything like that. :frowning:

So are you telling me to install any subversion client and show its executable in this text box?

No, install the subversion client :slight_smile:

Sorry I dont understand, I thought subversion is only available as the source or with 3rd party wrapped around the source(for easier use).

Where to get ‘the subversion?’

In the plugin list I see “Bundled Subversion Client for Windows :: Bridges”. Is this what’s supposed to do what you are saying? ( I also worked before with svn from jMP, and didn’t face any issue like this)

Try this one

There was still error. I guess because there was no trunk folder on that restarted project. I created a new project. Now the problem is gone. Thanks.