Ethereal multi scene question

@pspeed I have an interesting question for you. I need to handle multiple scenes … for example, sector view scene, a planet view scene, etc. Now I don’t want to have a separate port for each scene because it would get out of control very quickly. I would like to have an instance of EtherealHost per scene all sharing the same Server instance and when the client wants to switch from one scene to the next I just switch them by using stopHostingOnConnection() and startHostingOnConnection(). This is all well and good but my concern is with all the EtherealHosts registering all their SessionDataDelegators on the same Server instance. Any issues?

How many scenes do you expect to have?

Either way, there’s really no way around some kind of dispatch. Whether you do it yourself or let SpiderMonkey do it seems to matter little.

well I am also doing the battles in dynamically created scenes as well now so … MANY.