Exchange Animations between two Armatures?

In our game, we planned to have a feature where the player could exchange behaviors between two entities (for example, exchanging behaviors between a giant spider and a snake).

But we also had the idea to also exchange animations of overalls of each entity (for example, the spider would move more like a snake than a spider). A bit like what people call “moveset swapping” in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

In foresight, we’ve implemented conventions that standardize the bones of all armatures of each entities that can be exchanged.

But is there a way to exchange animations between two armatures while keeping the original geometry?

As long as the armatures are the same you can just add the animations from the other model without any issue. I do this with Spoxel. I have one model that has all of the humanoid animations on it. Then when I load a humanoid model I just copy all the animations across. This way I’m not updating 100 models each time I add a new attack.

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