Excluding jme3testdata.jar

Hi guys!

I’m quite new to community, so…

I’m using Eclipse - are there any ways to exclude jme3testdata.jar from project? It weight about 40 mb… - i’m not using data from it

Just dont add it to the classpath or leave it out of the distribution.

I’m really sorry for stupid questions - i’m second week with Java:)

How i can do this in Eclipse?

I’m doing like this: RMB->Build path->Add external archves->Selecting jmonkeyengine3.jar

It already contain all those jar’s…

sorry if i sound harsh, but you should Google it first…its a LOT easier than asking around.

ok, thanks - at least i know what to search)

Wait aren’t you using the nightly builds? Because the jME3 project config for eclipse hasn’t been edited to separate the jars yet, that was done for the NetBeans only.

Yep, nightly builds…

I need to reassemble them myself?..

If you’re so new to Java development in general, why don’t you just use the recommended editor instead? Check out jMonkeyPlatform.

With only a week into Java though, jME isn’t the best place to start to be honest.

Thanks for care, but i have enough of C++ experience… (including Ogre3d and other stuff). JME isn’t so hard…) I already wrote Space Invaders using Java + JME3 - if you want i can commit it to community.

I use Eclipse, because it has (and will have in future) much more support than jMPlatform. And i have a question on topic - why do you started development of your own platform? You can use this time to maintain project itself… It is obvious that you cannot compare with such monsters as Sun and so on. One of the best practices of code reusability is to not do anything already done without serious reasons…

JMP is not already done by anyone…

Besides it’s based on netBeans which is pretty close to Eclipse and about equally supported.

JMP is a packaged netbeans with plugins for JME3 (scene composer, terrain editor, easy project configuration, asset importing, etc…)

We didn’t develop a java editor if this is what you mean…

Yes, thanks it explains much… I need to check out net beans and why it is so much talks about it…)