Execute bin executable on android

I am looking to my options on how to execute and interpret an bin executable on android.
I already have the bin executable in android format, I just need to execute it using jm3.
The question is more like how I can store the bin file in some folder and execute using jmonkey, like, should I put my bins on the assets folder and execute it on android somehow ? If so, what is the directory ?

You have to put it in the application folder, e.g. by adding the exe to the zip for the distribution. Change the build.xml to add your exe using the ant zip task. Then execute it using the java ProcessBuilder.

I see, but I have a doubt about it.
When the app runs, its normally runs on sdcard, and there is no permission to run bin in this folder right ?
Should the app copy the bins to some temp folder in order to runs it ?

I guess thats more of a general android question, google or an android forum might help.

I got this sugestion :

From Android Java app, using assets folder (by fnerg in comment below)
Include the binary in the assets folder.
Use getAssets().open(“YourBinaryHere”) to get an InputStream.
Write it to /data/data/app-package-name (e.g. /data/data/net.gimite.nativeexe), where your application has access to write files and make it executable.
Run “/system/bin/chmod 744 /data/data/app-package-name/yourapp” using the code above.

Not sure if this assets works the same way on Jm3 thought.