Expert System usage in game developing?

Hi friends.
For this semester of my university I have Expert System course .
Do you have any idea to use Expert Systems in a Gaming Environment
I have a simple idea but I do not know if it is a good approach or no.
The idea is to make my NPCs (non-player character) smart to make some simple decision .
for example decide which weapon to use when run to different enemy .
I want to use Java Expert System Shell (JESS) to implement a simple expert system for my NPCs beside using JME AI.
Can I use JESS with JME?
Is it a good way to approach this idea?

Note: technically GOAP (goal oriented action planning) is using something very similar to an expert system to resolve its actions (actions are kind of like rules in this case). So you might find useful scenarios for your rules in GOAP examples.

As to JESS, I remember using it a long time ago in my day job and it was a pain just because it’s a pain… but using with JME shouldn’t be a problem once you figure out what you want to do with it.

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