Export JME Project from Eclipse

Hey guys!
I am really struggling with this one.

I am trying to export a JME Game into an JAR in Eclipse.
I brought it to the point that the JAR is executable, but its really really slow and therefore not playable!

Any ideas?

For more details:
I am trying to export with “Extract required librarys into generated JARs” → Does not work due to AssetNotFoundException

When trying with “Package required libraries into generated JAR” → Does work, but is really really slow

If it’s time to distribute the application, it’s better to use gradle.

Edit: A great video and very useful - Game Dev : Jmonkey with Gradle - YouTube

If you run your game from Eclipse, how does it perform? I find that the best first step for investigating code performance is VisualVM: https://visualvm.github.io/.
Run your game, attach VisualVM to it, and use the sampler to see which sections of code are taking up the most time. Do this after launching your game from Eclipse and after launching it from the jar.

The problem isn’t that your game is bundled as an executable jar - it’s the exact same code either way. Something else (which might or might not be your code) is causing this errant behavior.

And Note that visualvm can be downloaded as a plugin called profiler when using the sdk

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