Export multiple meshes in a .mesh.xml?

I’m trying to picture how to make more complex assets. I imagine as models get more complex it gets harder to make them out of one single mesh, and it becomes intuitive to make something out of multiple meshes. I notice in the town.zip example in the docs, the entire town is fit inside of one single .mesh.xml file, though it seems to be broken up into various submeshes. I cannot find how to do this with the blender ogre exporter. It seems to like to produce a bunch of separate mesh.xml files.

Is a .scene file file more or less what I want to use? Could a single logical object in the game be considered a “scene”? Or is it expected that each model is composed of one single mesh?

Thank you!

A .scene file is a list of mesh.xml files, so yeah, its basically what you want but you still need the mesh.xmls

You can also simply use the blender importer though :slight_smile:

Alright, thank you!