Exporting Animations


I know that this question look like stupid. But what i am facing is that i am unable to export animations from blend or ogre files. I want to make a simple rotation to a mesh without any bones. So, I inserted key frames and changed the rotation mode to quatemion and clicked on the F sign next to the animation name in the dope sheet. Then I have tried to convert blend or OgreXML files to j3o but with the same result. There is no animation. Note: I read the the combo boxes and checked the useful ones to export animations before exporting OgreXML.


in blender
1- first add a mesh, for example a cube.
2- in timeline click on frame 0 and press “i” key and select Rotation from list.
3- then select another frame on timeline for example frame 100.
4- rotate the mesh and press “i” key again and select rotation from list.
5- in NLA editor click on to icon “two arrows pointing down” to push the action down onto the top of the NLA stack as a new strip.
6- then export to xbuf and convert it to j3o and it will works.


If you are using the Ogre exporter still, then you might also need to make sure everything is selected at export time. I haven’t used that exporter in a while, but I recall that Ogre would export justt the Mesh if the Armature was not selected as well.


Thanks for the answer. Anyway i want to just use blend files as i am tired from other formats. So, it will be very nice if i could use blend files only. Anyway i tried to do that on blend files without exporting it to xbuf and it did’t work.


Thanks my friend. All the meshes exported perfectly and i checked the combo boxes that tell the plugin to export every thing. it’s just about animations.


.blend files work fine in blender… which is what they are designed to work in.

They will never (never) work well in anything else because unless the app is blender they are essentially impossible to read correctly. It’s amazing JME’s loader got as far as it did but it’s destined to fail someday.


Thanks @pspeed. It’s a good reason but I am too lazy to convert the model from blend to any other format then to j3o. And many problems i can face just by adding even one step. So, converting blend files is very comfortable than other formats. Anyway i tried to use Armature and one bone and it’s working :grin: thanks all you guys.