Exporting from jme3 possible?

I guess i made a big mistake.^^

My geometry manipulation is working as i want .

But now, that I have completed the isolation of the components of my Application in Server-parts, Client-parts and Media-Server-part i realized that there seems to be no way to safe the changed meshes, textures, … .

Very late I know but i had never expected that it’s not in jme.;(;(;(;(

Did I overlook an Exporter-class or -method ???

In Desktop.cfg isn’t a Exporter noted.

Hope u can show me a exporter-class.

Else i have to write it by my own. ;(

And my time is VEEEEERYY limited.

Kind regards


The only way to export a scene right now is either to j3o binary (using BinaryExporter) or j3o xml (using XMLExporter).

If you’re looking for a way to edit those scenes using modelling tools then you cant use either of those two formats however.


atm it’s only nessessary to export so that I can it import 1 second later, by the client parts of my application.

I think I will try the XMLExporter.

thx 4 ur help


If you’re going to import it in a jME3 application, you should use BinaryExporter as it is faster. If you save it as a .j3o file you can load it directly with the AssetManager.