Exporting jME project as jar file

Hi all,

I have a question that I've looked up everywhere on the forums, and cannot find an answer. I've finished my jME project, and want to export it as a .jar file so that I can run it by double click. The problem is, I used the export as jar function in Eclipse, but it doesn't launch. Any ways to go about this?

Probably it does not find the library jar files in its classpath. NetBeans puts them all in a lib folder next to the main jar and adds the info in the mainfest of the jar, dont know how eclipse goes about this.

That should work in eclipse, i use it too

Make sure that you "Export as Runnable jar" and that you select in the export wizard the correct main class

to start (under Launch Config)

Also i select 'Copy required libs into sub-folder next to jar'

The script to start the jar looks like:

java -Djava.library.path=./native/linux/ -jar gameclient.jar

Thank you so much Larynx! Your solution worked! I started the Jar file using a batch file that ran the command. :smiley:

Hi there,

i use windows 7, eclipse, and jME.

I failed to export my Project using, “Export as .jar”, “Export as runable .jar”, Export with FatJar

What can i do???

I followed every step of larynx execpt for the “script to sart the jar”. I did this using left-click->open with java

Im desperate… :smiley:

Please help,


Just use the script, Eclipse cannot create clickable jars like NetBeans/jMP can cause it doesnt use the jar manifest.

We’ve been using an ANT build script for publishing to jar. Takes a short time to configure and gives you a lot more build options.


i used the script posted above, needed a few tries, guessed the right changes and ZAP it works :slight_smile:

Still a long command, but it doenst matter,


is there anything better than a helpful community? No I think :slight_smile: