Extending BetterCharacterControl

Hello mates! I have a question regarding what a problem that is probably just simple java, but I am too…ignorant to solve. I am trying to extend the BetterCharacterControl into a new class, but I can’t seem to “initialize” it, for lack of a better term. When I extended CharacterControl, I could just create the extended class, and then set the capsule collision shape in that extended class. BetterCharacterControl requires some variables when created, and these variables lack any update methods. Sorry again for what is, again, probably the most ignorant question ever, but I must figure this out. Thanks for all your help, and have a great day!

You mean like:
super(myParameter1, myParameter2)
…in the constructor of your subclass?

This is why I probably shouldn’t have taught myself java last year, I missed little things that I probably should have known. Hopefully, this AP Java course I am taking should fill in the gaps the second time around! Thanks for your help, Paul!