Extending tonegodGUI – how to depend on the module?


I am just trying to get the XHTML renderer extension packaged up as a proper JME extension for submission using the new Github based plugin repository thingy here.

Now obviously I don’t want to actually bundle the core TonegodGUI jar with this plugin, instead I want to say “Depend on TonegodGUI”.

As far as I understand it, this is done by using Properties -> Libraries -> Module Dependencies -> Add Dependency, then finding the netbeans module and adding it. However, I cannot see any mention of TonegodGUI in the module list present. I DO see other JME modules in there, including user plugins, but no sign of Tonegod.

Anyone have any idea if this could be something that is missing on my side of things, or is the Tonegod plugin not configured to be able to be used in this way?

EDIT: Not 100% sure, but this may be because the tonegodgui module does not have any “public packages” set