F3 in SimpleGame depth buffer to texture broken?

Hello, I was trying to display the depth buffer as a texture when I discovered hitting F3 in SimpleGame does exactly that, but it doesnt work I just get a white rectangle. Just wondering whats up, is it broken or is it my comp?  :?

Same here, had this since some months ago (sorry for not reporting back then). Always latest jME from cvs on java 6, winXP, nvidia gf Go7400

I've found and squashed this bug.  Look for it in CVS later today

and there was me thinking it was MEANT to look like a cloudy white rectangle

Heh, well it will be white.  If you get up close to something you'll see the silhouette of your object in greyscale.

Thanks renanse, what was the cause of the bug? im curious cause I looked into fixing it and failed miserably

There were a couple different things.  The major thing was a setting for depth comparison that should not have been set.  There were also some issues with how texture renderer was using textures without telling the state tracker (which you may have noticed changed the coloring on your scene in some cases, especially in terrain tests.)  Anyhow, at least it's fixed and pbuffer fallback support is in and working as well now. (in our testing anyhow…) :slight_smile: