Facebook login is dead

i need to inform you that we are discontinuing the facebook SSO login option from the jmonkey hub.
With the recent changes in policies in meta, it is now required to have a fully verified business account to support “login with facebook” in an external website, this account needs to be connected to a registered business that we don’t have for jme.
I’ve contacted the meta support and they confirmed to me that they have no solution in place for situations like ours, citing some changes they were force to take as result of the lawsuits regarding mishandling of personal data by third parties apps using their platform.

For this reason we are forced to discontinue this login option for the time being.

If you have been using facebook to login to jme hub, as long you have access to your email, you can use “I forgot my password” to create a password for your account and claim it back from the now broken facebook SSO

Screenshot from 2024-02-09 08-39-10

If you have troubles restoring access to your account, please send an email to contact@jmonkeyengine.org or ping me on discord @rblb

The requests will be thoroughly examined to ensure that we are resetting an account only upon the request from the genuine owner.

Sorry for the inconvenience :saluting_face: