Failed to build android project with Jme SDK

the error message is :

C:\Users\ray\OneDrive\workspaces\workspaceJ\BasicGameandriod\nbproject\mobile-impl.xml:21: The following error occurred while executing this line:
Error reading project file C:\Users\ray\OneDrive\workspaces\workspaceJ\BasicGameandriod\mobile\build.xml: C:\Users\ray\OneDrive\workspaces\workspaceJ\BasicGameandriod\mobile\build.xml
BUILD FAILED (total time: 1 second)

Program is just a new auto generated BasicGame .

Going to need more information. Which version of the SDK? Which version of JME?

EDIT: I would recommend using a gradle jme template for android.
EDIT 2: See this post: Minie for Androids - #6 by Ali_RS

I 'm using JME SDK 3.3.0. and I’ll try gradle jme.

But as an newbi I really want to use a one stop solution :slight_smile:

I recommend building some jme desktop apps before jumping into android. Android is a very advanced topic if you have never built jme or android apps before.

The SDK is great, but it has not been fully updated to 3.3.0 yet (correct me if I’m wrong). With the new version of the sdk (not yet released) it will support gradle projects. Many of us do not currently use the SDK. I am using IDEA IDE for my development work. When you will find is depending on the type of application you are developing, the SDK is just a build of Netbeans with some extra tooling and you may or may not need that extra tooling. Any IDE will work fine when developing for JME as long as you setup your build scripts correctly. There are many great gradle template projects on forums and those work great for getting started with JME in any IDE that you would like to use.

Thank you .
I’m developing a simple mahjong game and want to try some VR version.

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VR can get tricky. Once you get there let me know and I can help with that. Depending on what VR hardware you have it may be easier or not. HTC Vive and Vive Pro work very well.