Falling Stars: War of Empires - extended gameplay showcase!

Hi everyone, this is a huge step for us and our new lead developer Daniel @dancso Karsai did an amazing job with it! Let us know what you think :smile:

Gameplay Showcase:


Your game is pretty cool! I’m a huge fan of strategy games, and you have a formula different from the other games I have seen. The only thing it bothers me are the numbers. I’m not talking about balancing the game, but I think talking about ones and twos and so on, is to low. Insted of 3 fuel, say 30 fuel, and spend 5-10 fuel in every travel. That way, the player feels that his ship is more powerful, due to needing more resources. I don’t mean to change the values of the already defined numbers, but just adding a 0 to material, influence, fuel and other numbers makes the player feel more powerful and big.

Keep up the good work!

Hey great feedback. I’ve toyed with that idea and may come back to it, probably post release though so I don’t succumb to feature creep :slight_smile: My specific idea was that I could have “squadrons” of ships, in numbers of 3-10, so that when we go to the battle field it looks like all-out war! Would give that “epic” feel you’re envisioning I think.

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