Falling Stars: War of Empires looking for a "Monkey" to bring it to completion [PAID!]

We’ve been greenlit!!

Falling Stars: War of Empires is a single player and multiplayer turn-based strategy game, where players vie to control the galaxy through politics, space warfare, exploration, bartering with planetary inhabitants and more. It currently has a working online multiplayer mode, but I’m working on single player and AI still. Most of my work has just been getting things working with multiplayer since it was what I was most worried about (and rightly so)

We have signed with a publisher and they are ready to go whenever we can get this game finished. We’re hoping for an October release.

JMonkey specific libs I’m using:
Tonegod particle system
Nifty Gui

Time has become a very scarce resource for me lately, and I’m looking to bring someone else on as a developer to bring this to completion. This would be a small part-time commitment. I would say we are ~80% complete with a lot of the remaining work being content addition. I don’t require any game design experience, but I’m always open to discussion ideas.

We already have a UI artist and 3D modeler so this would only require development skills.

Compensation will be a flat rate of $400/month. There are a lot of “intangibles” that you would receive too, such as having your name attached to a published title, working with (what I believe to be) a very robust and well architected game framework, and you would be first in line if the game does well enough to hire on a full-time dev. We are signed for at least 1 expansion if the game sells. This pay is modest, but I really just wanted to give some incentive for those of you who might consider it. I realize this rate rules out many of our more experienced community members.

Post any questions you may have here, or PM me. I’m happy to discuss more about the game itself, or anything else related to this whole process. Thanks in advance!


Just bumping this up. Thanks for the interest so far, got some PMs but still looking for a dev looking to get their hands dirty on this!

Just a quick question @empires, are you expecting full time work (37.5 hours per week) for the $400/month?

No absolutely not. As described in the post, this is a small part time

Right my bad, should have seen that, just me being ignorant or something.

Howdy empires haven’t seen you on the IRC in some time.

Good to see your game is doing so well.

Thanks! I’ll stop by soon, going through a lot of changes right now and not
much time :slight_smile: