Falling Stars: War of Empires.. Now on Steam!

Hi guys, so this has been a long time coming (I think I’ve been a member here for 4 years now…), but @dancso and I just released Falling Stars: War of Empires on Steam!

We’ve been incredibly busy with the launch (which is an understatement) so I didn’t post sooner, but we’ve put out 2 patches already and there are a lot of players who really like the game. We’re slowly gaining more Letsplay momentum.

Here’s a video that gives a general overview of the game and some screenshots:

Thanks to everyone here for the resources, the great community, and of course for JMonkeyEngine!


Way to go! The game looks great!

Very nice work. It just looks great! :heart_eyes:
Nice trailer by the way.

Best of luck to you!

Kudos! I’ll definitely check it out.

Looks awesome!
There’s still no Linux build… :frowning2:

Hey if you have some free time we could use another tester. We have a demo of the game, want to give it a shot?

Edit: I forgot we still have to get the JRE packed with it so that might be a stretch


Nice ships models. It promises to be a very good game.

I run Linux and I’d be willing to help test if it dosen’t take too much time (ie. about a half hour, unless the game ends up being really good :smile:). Also, to package the JRE just download it in .zip form and write a .sh script to launch it with your jar. AFAIK (I’m not a lawyer) this is perfectly legal.

Kudos guys! Great work!!!

i am also interested by a linux build, i wanna give it a try.

Patch 2 is out:


  • A new line on the battle result panel indicating when a victory point is gained
  • Acknowledgements in chat for gaining victory points through technology bartering and capturing planets


  • Political agendas will no longer claim to give Victory Points when political VPs are disabled
  • When trying to move a single carrier the transfer options did not come up
  • A bug where barter options displayed numbers as if they were fractional (ie. 2.0 instead of 2)
  • The optional conquer / barter choice upon transporting ground units will no longer come up during an all-AI simulation
  • Sustained damage on ships were drawing black boxes around them
  • Dreadnaughts could not sustain more than one hit
  • Sometimes transporting carriables was blocked claiming insiufficient carrying capacity despite there being enough
  • A bug where the button to initiate battle remained greyed out despite having a battle about to happen
  • AI could previously purchase technology they weren’t supposed to be able to


  • Opacity of faded-out interface compoenents reduced (to previous levels)
  • The victory point line on the political agenda screen will now be in relation of your vote not the colorfulness of the portraits above

It looks very slick, nice work !!!


Sid Meyer is working on a game that looks a little like yours (I know you aren’t copying or anything)… just that you might wanna put a link to your game on youtube vids about Sid’s new game.

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Damn, I would like to write such a turn based game now. Played that one game called “Kaiser” over and over again on the C64. And later Civilization etc on PCs (speaking of Sid Meyer). Only recently found out that he made simulation games too (which I played as a kid but never knew it was from the same game developer).
Conceptually the only thing that bothers me about those games today is the immense violence and lack of making some kind of federation like in Star Trek. In the end it’s always the player who’s playing spanish conqueror in native people’s land. Same for Evolve and all those “let’s take their land, their lives and make fun of hunting 'em down” games…

…congratulations man…looks like a very well done game…

How many students have been working on this project?

None I don’t think… kind of a funny question :stuck_out_tongue:

Ups… I mixed this project up with another one :blush: