Fantasy Melee FPS


I’m developing a game and decided try JME for my project. It’s going to be an adventure / FPS hybrid. You play as a dwarf and you can explore an open world from a top down 3rd person view, looking for mines, dungeons, and caves to explore. Once you are inside the game switches to an FPS mode and you battle through the areas killing monsters with melee weapons and solving puzzles.

I’m a 3d artist and have very basic programming knowledge. I need an experienced programmer to help out. So if any programmers want to join in please contact me so we can discuss.

This is a serious project. I’m doing this as part of my thesis so it’s not one of those projects that just fizzles away. I am going to try to release it and see what happens. I’m not expecting anything, but all team members will get all they deserve from the project.

I am working on documentation and concepts right now. Like I said I’m an artist so I really need an experienced programmer. You can see examples of my work here:

Thanks for reading.

Very nice graphics. Hope you find what you are looking for, if not - just hand over your lowpoly models to our project :wink:

Some outstanding artwork there mate. Do you also do animation?

So how locked in are you with regards to the game concept? If a capable programmer comes along with some ideas of his own, or possibly a different game entirely, is that something you (thesis willing) might be open to?

Also, what is your experience with the jME3 art pipeline so far? You’d be wise to do some tests, figure out whether you want to use the .blend or .ogrexml format, familiarize yourself with the workings of materials and so forth.

Nice art!

This will help you to make your environment to look cool:

Hey, some nice work you have got there.

What’s your thesis is about?

Thanks for the compliments. I am sort of locked in to the concept, but I am always open to suggestions. My thesis is on independent game development. It’s an applied thesis so I want to work on an independent game from start to finish including releasing the game. I can do animation. I haven’t done any in blender, but I have done a good bit in 3ds max. I have done a lot of 3d modeling contract work in blender so the transition hasn’t been too bad. I think I could pick it up pretty quickly. As for the pipeline, I’ve gotten models from blender to jme. I haven’t gone too far into comparing the pros and cons of .blend vs. xml. Again I am still in the concept phase so I am just trying to find some interest early on so if I find someone to work with they can be involved from the start.

Also those are some cool shaders, thanks for sharing.