Fastest Scrolling in Jmonkey 3.1


I want to be able to do a lot of mouse scrolling in JMonkey 3.1. Let’s say, if, in the near future, I am able to host my JMonkey game on a web server, and this game happens to do a lot of scrolling, inside the browser. How should I do such scrolling in JMonkey 3.1?

I believe using a scroll bar on such game would be too slow. What should be the best way to do fastest scrolling on JMonkey 3.1 game? Facebook App, on Iphone 7, for example, can scroll a lot of data with super fast speed. I only need to use my finger to sweep through each row of data. How should I do such fast scrolling with “onMouseOver”?

Thank you.

Hi again,

Do you think I can find onMouseOver scrolling in Lemur? Do you also think this is the fastest scrolling for 2D? Lemur should be the best for this task correct?

Thank you so much.

Your question is very strange. The speed of the event has nothing to do with how fast things scroll.

Lemur or not, the events will be delivered as fast as one per screen update.