Feature request : Toggling Navigation

Is it possible to add this feature:

“When working with model placement is screen composer or editing terrain, its feels bad to toggle the tool on and off, just to turn my navigation on again. So, it would be great if there is a hokey(like, space) that temporarily(as long as the key is presses) allows normal navigation, and prevents the selected tool for working.”

or there is something similar already?

you can still navigate blender style when the move tool is selected . hold middle mouse button and move the mouse to rotate the view and the same with the shift key pan the view

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thanks. Shift is the key then.

one more thing, is there any function, so it focuses the selected object?

like, you select a “stone” from the list screen explorer window and press F while selecting the screen composer, the camera will automatically zoom to that object.

another question is, what the purpose of the update button in the Screen Composer?

Theres a button to center the cam on the cursor as well as one to center the cursor on objects. “Update” rescans the tree for changes and should only be necessary when theres plugins not updating the display properly.

I meant focusing + zooming. So, that object takes 70% area of the screen. Its very handy.

theres a button to zoom out to see the whole object as well, yeah.

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